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Drawing in Nature Workshop

Location: Cerdeira Village, Lousã, Portugal
Wed, Sep 9 – 12:00PM / Sun, Sep 13 - 4:00PM / 2015
Target Audience: people with basic drawing skills
Signups until Aug 20 - Contact us for details

The aim of the workshop is to develop and enrich your capacity to express yourself through drawing.  It is structured as a five day retreat, situated in the Cerdeira Village artist residency. There will be structured drawing lessons with technical demonstrations and exercises, and lectures and slideshows focusing on art history and contemporary practices concerning drawing and working from nature.

In this workshop we have the best drawing teacher there is available to us; wild nature. The forest surrounding the Cerdeira Village is full of texture, light and shade, markmaking and line qualities. We will take use both of the outdoors and of the newly restored stone houses, made into an artist residency. Here we have studiospaces for group and individual work. You will have time to work on creative projects, exploring simple ways of working with personal content.

Learning to draw is a process of discovery. It takes time, patience, practice, but it can open up for so much new appreciation of both the world, our own senses and capacities, as well as the treasures of art history of dedicated draughtsmen throughout time.

We have created a workshop that is best suited for those that have some basic drawing skills and experience. 


  • Starts on Wednesday the 9th of September at 12:00PM. Ends on Sunday the 13th of September at 4:00PM.
  • Participants must travel to Cerdeira by their own means. It is an 11 km ride from Lousã. 
  • The artist residency offers modern restored houses, with fully equipped kitchens for community meals, and the group will shop and cook these between themselves. At this point there is still the possibility to sleep in the village for 15 euros a night (bunkbeds). You can otherwise choose to rent a hotel or B&B in for example Lousã, Miranda do Corvo or Candal.
  • Upon signup you will receive a list of art materials to bring and other important details. 


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