About Our Project

Our courses are aimed at students and teachers of art, people with a creative practice and art lovers looking for opportunities to spend more time looking at and learning from art. We give courses and lectures in classrooms, online and in art museums in different countries.

We have running courses in observation drawing, as it is a great introduction to the language of art, develops one’s presence of mind, visual and creative thinking.

We offer ‘in depth’ teaching, where people are invited to explore their real creative capacities, not based in fantasy and whim but through structured tools and strategies.

We are passionate about art history, not as a study of facts, but as a place to connect with artist’s thoughts and strategies of being. It is empowering to become aware of the lineage of artists and the rich tradition we belong to, become technically skilful and conscious of the rich visual language that art is.


About Us

Bodil and Paulo have been teaching art together since 2007. They are part of an international community of artists who study with the South African artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky (rosenclaire) in Florence, Italy. Here, they participate in workshops focused on specific themes and skills within the fields of contemporary art practice and art teaching, as well as attend mentored artist residencies. They are also part of a group who attend a biennial workshop with rosenclaire focused on the Spiritual in Art Practice. Bodil received her teacher's training for foundation and advanced courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and contemporary art practice from them.

Bodil Eide,
born in 1975 in Norway, got her degree in Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway. She has shown her works in galleries such as F15, Tegneforbundet and Hordaland Kunsntersenter in Norway and has work in the drawing collection of the National Gallery. She was co-founder and -director of an independent art school in Lisbon for seven years, and a regular guest teacher/lecturer at art schools in Norway and Portugal.


Paulo Borges
was born in the United Kingdom in 1969, and got his degree in Design at the Art College in Lisbon. He has worked as a designer since 1995 developing solutions for print and digital contexts. Until recently he was the Design Lead at Faber Ventures involved in product development for early stage investments. Since starting to attend workshops and residencies with Shakinovsky and Gavronsky he has dedicated himself to being a visual artist and art teacher, and this is now his current full time occupation.