A three day workshop at CERCI Póvoa

Last June we facilitated three mornings dedicated to the arts at CERCIPóvoa (Cooperative for Education and Rehabilitation of Citizens with Disability).

The program was developed in collaboration with the institution's team, involving preparatory sessions where some working hypotheses were tested and also moments where we were invited to participate in classes.

The three mornings were marked by an atmosphere of high spirits and curiosity where everyone delved into the proposed exercises with dedication.

The project validated some of the initial hypotheses, namely that visual expression is essential to the experience and manifestation of the inner life of this population.

We were left with the desire to continue this work and to keep being surprised by the response to the challenges we propose.

A selection of the work produced gave form to an exhibition at the Fábrica das Palavras (library) in Vila Franca de Xira giving visibility to what was done during the sessions and reinforcing the continuing need to make difference visible.