Summer in Cerdeira

We had an intensive and productive summer in Cerdeira! The project Cerdeira Arts & Crafts School is a colaboration between us and the Cerdeira Art and Craft Association, and this summer we started it’s activities. It is worthwhile to take a look at the website of this newly created school:

We started off with one day packed with simultaneous workshops during the festival Elementos à Solta (Art meets Nature) in June. This festival has been running for 12 years now, and the artist teachers who had gone through our course Teaching the Arts offered classes in their respective areas to the many visitors that came through the village.

In August we had the privilege to work and study with the master ceramisist Masakazu Kusakabe and the group of ceramicists in Cerdeira. Ten intense days with great challenges and learning, including the experience of firing the smokeless kiln.

Later that month the group of artist teachers offered a full week of workshops; 2017 Summer School. It served well to test methodologies and identify challenges for the future. Every day a new art was taught, from drawing, sculpture, tile painting, woodcarving, ceramics and raku firing.  

In September a new group of artists initiated their training in Teaching the Arts. We now have 18 accomplices. More people, more possibilities!

Some images from our summer in Cerdeira: